Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Students' participation in A Management Event at BDMA



DATE: 24th FEB 2017

Our college Narmada college of management (NCM)  participated in BDMA-A management event where  16 students participated at certain events like:-

1.      Presentation skills ( Management lessons from movie- DANGAL)
2.      Public speaking skills (Digital India)
3.      Skit on "SWACCH BHARAT".

We have achieved several awards in all the events. Following are the students who are the award holders:-
1.      presentation skill - Ghathura Parmeetkaur(runner-up)
2.      public speaking skill -  Riya(runner-up)
3.      skit: (runner-up)
        Pooja sonar
        Suresh Joshi
        Parmeet kaur
        Bhumika patil
        prathieeksha prakash
        Harsh Degadwala
        Akshay Jeramali
        Aadil shaikh
        Majid  Patel
        Shakil Patel

        Sneha Prasad

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