Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Student Internship Competition “ANVESHAN 2017”

Student Internship Competition.
Held atParul University.

KiranGohil, MBA second year student of Narmada college of Management participated in Student internship project competition held at ParulUniversity, Vadodara. Their event “ANVESHAN 2017” was the first National Level Research Symposiumwhich consisted various competitive events like SIP Project Competition, Paper Presentation Competition, Poster presentation competition.

Anveshan 2017 is a inter college one day Research Paper & Summer Project Presentation competition for management students across B-schools in India to identify and acknowledge the ‘Best Research Paper & Project.’

It was an attempt to engage with students in a holistic manner and be a part of their learning journey in its entirety. During the two months internship program, management interns work on challenging projects and play a key role in enhancing the business performance of organizations. Through this event, it aims to inculcate a spirit of excellence among management students and acknowledge them for their ideas and innovation.

There were about 25-30 students across Gujarat from different colleges that participated in SIP competition, Students came from different background and they had some distinctive topics to present.
Our student Mr. KiranGohil, who participated got good exposure and stood 3rdin this competition. His topic was “ETHICS AT WORKPLACE” at GLENMARK PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.

DAHEJ. According to him, this type of competition has really boosted his morale and confidence and further helphim in shaping his personality. Participation in this event gave him a  platform to showcase his communication and presentation skills. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017



Topic: Business to Business Marketing : Relationship Dynamics
SPEAKER:  Shri Nitin Choksi, General Manager –Marketing, Bright Bars Ltd., Ankleshwar
DATE: 14/10/2017, SATRUDAY, 10:00 TO 11:30 HRS, Conference Hall

Shri Nitin Choksi shared his knowledge and experience of about various issues related to Business to Business Marketing, specifically in the engineering industry. Having a wide and rich experience of more than 25 years in the engineering products marketing field he shared with the students the entire process of organizational buyer behavior and the problems and issues associated with each step.

He discussed all major issues right from how to generate an enquiry, to preparing a proper proposal for the customer, how to understand the needs of the consumer, negotiating properly, and closing the sale.

He also shared his experience of dealing with various types of customers and how he successfully sold the product to them. The essence of business to business marketing and sales was the relationship aspect of the sales process.

B2B is all about relationship marketing. He also shared his experience of GCSR Viva at GTU and gave the students important understanding about the usefulness of GCSR and how students can enrich themselves by working on the report in a proper and rightful manner.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Organised by Narmada College Parivar
In coordination with
The Prohibition & Excise Department, Gujarat
On 25th September, 2017

The widespread substance abuse amongst youth has assumed alarming dimensions in India. Changing cultural values, increasing economic stress and dwindling supportive bonds are leading to initiation into substance use. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) substance abuse is persistent or sporadic drug use inconsistent with or unrelated to acceptable medical practice. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Expert Session on "Role of venture capitalist in seeding Business ideas"

Role of venture capitalist in seeding Business ideas.
Conducted on



On Saturday, Narmada College of Management had organised a one to one session with venture capitalist, CA Nainesh Pandya, where students had an opportunity to showcase their Business Plans.
Dr. Subhash Yadav sir introduced CA Nainesh Pandya, who possessed rich experience and qualifications in commercial dealings.

He cleared his Bachelor in commerce with first class from Gujarat University, completed Chartered Accountant with specialisation in Operation Research and System Analysis. He was also the 10th rank holder in Company Secretary Exam all over India.

He also wrote a book on “Saral Vera Padhati” which is about presumptive taxation. He has also conducted various bank audits as well as he is an Alumni of IIM Ahmadabad.

CA Nainesh Pandya started his presentation and scheme of discussion on topic “Why Entrepreneurship”. He explained this by particularly emphasising on small medium enterprises (SMEs).

In order to relate his topics of discussion, he requested students to sit in cluster of their respective B-Plan group. There were about 7 groups who were ready with their presentation; each group had exclusive idea with them.

The very first point he stressed upon was that why Documentation is the most important map while planning out something big.

Entrepreneurship is significant for the following reasons like economic growth, new opportunities, creating employment, sustainability etc.

Another major topic focussed upon was the (SMEs) Small and Medium Enterprises as they ensure stability, responsible and are contributors towards improving viability for future.

The major sectors covered by SME’s are food processing, marine products, agricultural inputs, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, engineering and electrical products and textiles & garments.
Talking about SMEs, he had various suggestions and improvements for the 7 teams who were ready with their business plans and imparted knowledge and information regarding the whole process from:-

SCHOOL                                            STARTUP                                          SMEs LISTING.

He then went on with the main topic as to the “Role of Venture Capitalist for growth of Entrepreneurs”, where he mentioned one good characteristic that a plan or an idea should be judged by the results and not the process, which itself was a huge message for the upcoming Entrepreneurs.
Along with a good idea it should be followed by a good strategy, where he discussed three main interlocking aspects as Strategic intention, strategic assessment and strategic choice.

It was a great time and opportunity that the students of NCM got to spend with such an erudite person, with an interactive session.

Sir also promised to meet soon with many more such innovative Business ideas.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Seminar on Banking Awareness at NCM

A Report on Seminar on Banking Awareness
Conducted on 12/9/2017

A Seminar on Banking Career Awareness was organised by Narmada College of Management in coordination with NIIT, on 12th September, 2017.  Mr. Sanjay Mali, Regional Manager, NIIT along with Mr Nayan Bajaniya, from NIIT Vadodara conducted the session. The seminar covered two topics the Current trends in Banking and future opportunities in Banking.

Monday, September 25, 2017

One Week Faculty Development Programme “Transcending Newer Horizons in Management Teaching” at NCM

One Week Faculty Development Programme
 “Transcending Newer Horizons in Management Teaching”
organized by
Narmada College of Management
(28th August to 1st September 2017)

The one week Faculty Development Programme on “Transcending Newer Horizons in Management Teaching” organized by Narmada College of Management from 28th August to 1st September 2017 was a great success with 22 management teachers participating from various B-Schools across Gujarat. The B-Schools that were represented and their respective faculty numbers are as follows :
Name of the Institute                                               No. of Faculty Members/Exe

1.      S R LuthraInstitute of Management, Surat                                   03
2.      MandviEducation Society,Inst of Business Mgmt, Mandvi      01
3.      NaranLalaSchool of Industrial Management,Navsari   02
4.      BhagwanMahavir     College of Management                              01
5.        P PSavani University, Kosamba                                                  01
6.      Parul University, Vadodara                                                           03
7.      ShriRajjuShroffInst of Chemical Tech.      Valia                           01
8.      ShriJairam Patel Institute of Business Mgmt, G’nagar   01
9.      C K Shah VijapurwalaInstitute of Mgmt., Vadodara                 01
10.    GTU Research Scholar                                                                   01
11.    Narmada College of Management, Bharuch                             08
12.    ONGC PetroAdditions Ltd, Dahej                                              02
13.    ABC Bearings Ltd. Bharuch                                                         05
TOTAL :                                30
To begin with, Ms Rashmi Ghamawala, Assistant Professor and co-ordinator of the FDP, introduced the College to the Inaugurator and Speaker of the day as well as to the participants. Dr Deepak K Trivedi, Director (Education ) of the Narmada College campus welcomed all the dignitaries, Directors of Institutes and faculty members as well as the Industry delegates present in the programme. Dr A K Singh, Principal, Narmada College of Science and Commerce, Bharuch, wished all participants a happy learning while he appreciated such an initiative taken by Narmada College Management

Dr. T.V. Rao, Chairman, T V Rao Learning Systems, inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp followed by a prayer by MsBhumikaPatil, student of MBA-II of NCM. After the introduction of Dr. Rao by the Director of NCM, Dr. TruptiAlmoula, the session started with the address of Dr. T .V. Rao.

Dr. T. V. Rao is currently Chairman of TVRLS, Ahmedabad. Before setting up TVRLS, he was a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad for over 20 years beginning 1973 and subsequently an Adjunct Professor until 2014. He also worked as the L&T Chair, Professor of HRD at XLRI, Jamshedpur during 1983-85.

With over 40 years of extensive work in the field of HRD, he was nicknamed as one of the "Fathers of HRD in India". Some of the positions held by Dr. Rao and contributions include:
·         Founder and First President of the National HRD Network
·         Founder and the First Honorary Director of the Academy of HRD, India.
·         President of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS).
·    Worked with David McClelland of Harvard University (the initiator of the competency movement) and had joint research projects with him in seventies.
·     Visiting Faculty at the Indian Business School, Hyderabad and an HRD Advisor to the Reserve Bank of India.
·         Assisted the Administrative Reforms Commission in reviewing the personnel management practices for civil services, and also served as member of the HRM Review Committee of Nationalised Banks set up by the Ministry of Finance in 2009-2010.
·         Established the first dedicated department of Human Resources Development at L&T along with Dr. UdaiPareek in mid-seventies much before HRD was known.
·         Authored and co-authored around 60 books on various contemporary and HRD themes relating to Leadership, Managerial effectiveness, Education, Health and Population management, Behavioural Sciences and HRD.

·         First to start a Leadership Development methodology in India in the mid-eighties using what was later termed in the USA as '360 Degree Feedback'. The first Assessment Development Centre in India was also run by him in Gujarat.

·         HRD Audit methodology was the first of its kind across the world. This was later converted by him to the HRD Scorecard 2500 points.

Won several awards for his outstanding contributions to the field of HRD including the title of "Ravi Matthai National Fellow" awarded by the Association of Indian Management Schools.

Click here for detailed report...

Friday, September 15, 2017




SPEAKER:  Shri Jasmeetsingh Arora, Distributor Usha Products, Bharuch

DATE: 13/09/2017, WEDNESDAY, 14:00 TO 15:00 HRS, Syndicate Hall

As part of the Marketing Skills Council at Narmada College of Management, Bharuch, we organized the S second lecture on Issues in Distribution strategy of Usha Fans  by Shri  Jasmeetsingh Arora, Bharuch.

He shared his live experience  about his journey as a Distributor of Usha Fans in the last twelve years. He discussed the entire supply chain of the company starting with components for assembly, assembly at the company, dispatch to company depot at Aslali and then how the product comes to his godown.

He also discussed issues related to payment collection, order placements, targets, company incentives for dealers and distributors.

He also has the retail counters all over Bharuch District. He discussed with the students issues related to pricing, delivery, payment collection from retailers.

Overall his lecture was thoroughly enjoyed by the students

Guest Lecture on "How to Face Interviews?"

A REPORT ON GUEST LECTURE : How to Face Interviews
SPEAKER :  Shri Kamlesh Thakkar, CEO, Fly Training Institute, Surat
DATE: 11/09/2017, MONDAY, 10:00 TO 13:00 HRS,  Classroom III

Under the auspices of JCI club, Bharuch, a guest lecture was arranged for the second year MBA students on , “How to Face Interviews” on Monday, 11th September, 2017 from 10 :00 to 13 :00 hrs.

Shri Kamlesh Thakkar an entrepreneur and corporate trainer from Surat was the resource person. He presented and conducted the session in an interesting way with live demonstrations and examples to help the students understand the importance of interviews.

He gave some tips on all three phases of the interview process : Pre interview, During  interview and post interview.

The students liked his session and there were many questions from the students which the resource person was able to satisfy.

Thursday, September 7, 2017




SPEAKER :  Shri Gaurav Gagwani, Senior Territory Manager, Higher Education, Pearson India

DATE: 7/09/2017, THURSDAY, 14:00 TO 15:00 HRS, Syndicate Hall

As part of the Marketing Skills Council at Narmada College of Management, Bharuch, we organized the first lecture on Issues in Sales and Distribution in the Publishing Industry by Shri Gaurav Gagwani, Senior Territory Manager, Pearson India. Since he was already on his sales call to the College, his live experience sharing about work made the lecture very interesting.

He shared his six years of experience in the publishing industry, the various sales related issues like Recruitment and Selection, Sales Training, Territory Allocation, Performance Evaluation, Reporting and Appraisal systems and Compensation and Incentives in the publishing industry.

Talking about his experiences related to distribution management he shared his insights related to problems with the distributors, policies and practices involved in working with distributors and retailers in publishing.

He also shared his experience of planning his sales call, follow up involved in the sales job, frustrations and the joys of the sales job. The Marketing class enjoyed this session thoroughly.

Friday, June 23, 2017


                                    JUNE 21ST, WEDNESDAY, 2017     

International Day of Yoga was observed by Narmada College of Management at the Narmada College Campus. The event was scheduled to start at 7 :00 hrs, but got delayed due to rains. After wards preparations were made to start the event till 7:20 in the open ground, but due to heavy rains, it was decided to shift the event in the building.

Later the participants organized themselves inside the open area of the building of Narmada College and the event was organized.
As per the protocol of the International Day of Yoga, 2017, the event started with a prayer and all the standing and sitting asanas were performed by the participants.
Due to lack of space, the supine and prone asanas were not performed by the participants.

The event ended with a session of meditation of five minutes.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Dr. Navin Seth, VC, GTU visit Narmada College of Management for Industry Institute Interaction Meet

Date: 15th April, 2017
Venue: Narmada College of Management

Narmada College of Management, as an important milestone in its journey towards excellence, organized an Industry Institute Interaction Meet at its Campus on 15th April, 2017. Presided by the Vice Chancellor of  Gujarat Technological University, Dr. Navin Sheth, and Director (Education) Shri P K Masare, the meet was well attended by sixteen senior level industry representatives from Bharuch, Ankleshwar and Panoli representing thirteen organizations.

The below listed representatives attended the meet.
1. Shri Vipin Kumar, Kohler Inc. Jhagadia
2. Shri Sanjeev Sharma, CLP Power, Paguthan, Bharuch
3. Shri Rakesh Dave, ABC Bearings, Bharuch
4. Shri R K Sinha, Metal Fass Inc., Bharuch
5. Shri H  R Patel and Shri Sharad Makwana,  Meghmani Organics
6. Ms. Anupama Gupta, Solvay India, Panoli
7. Shri Vipul Patel and Shri Jayesh Shah, Kotak Life Insurance, Bharuch
8. Shri Anubhav Tiwari, Aum Insurance Brokers, Bharuch
9. Shri Ashok Bhatnagar and Shri B M Sitapara, JB Chemicals, Panoli
10. Shri Rahul Mehta, DCM, Jhagadia
11. Shri Tejas Jagdishwala, Bandhan Bank, Bharuch
12. Shri Y B Gandhi, GNFC, Bharuch
13. Shri Bhadresh Patel, Sun Pharma, Panoli

Dr. Trupti S Almoula, Director, Narmada College of Management, welcomed the participants and presented a brief profile of the College and its journey towards academic excellence in the past.

Dr. Navin Sheth, Vice Chancellor of GTU, outlined his vision related to expectations from industry for helping in making the curriculum relevant to the needs of the industry and also invited participation for the same. He appealed to the industry representatives for helping the university to design and implement a syllabus which enhances the employability of the students as well as, builds desirable traits in them.

The Vice Chancellor expressed his happiness at the initiative taken by Narmada College of Management in this regard and wished that this College could become a Model College of GTU in the area of Industry Institute Interaction. He also released a book, Management Cases for Beginners, published by Narmada College of Management and edited by Dr. Trupti S Almoula and Prof. Subhash Yadav.

The round table aimed at gaining industry participation in the knowledge and skill and attitude development of students of management through creation of several platforms and opportunities throughout the two year tenure of the MBA programme.

Several important suggestions related to industry institute interface were given by the participants and deliberated by the dignitaries about their applicability in the current scenario. 

On the overall, all participating organisations consented to their active involvement in the development of the students. The College is actively working on the same and will come out with a vision document related to this in near future. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Students' participation in A Management Event at BDMA



DATE: 24th FEB 2017

Our college Narmada college of management (NCM)  participated in BDMA-A management event where  16 students participated at certain events like:-

1.      Presentation skills ( Management lessons from movie- DANGAL)
2.      Public speaking skills (Digital India)
3.      Skit on "SWACCH BHARAT".

We have achieved several awards in all the events. Following are the students who are the award holders:-
1.      presentation skill - Ghathura Parmeetkaur(runner-up)
2.      public speaking skill -  Riya(runner-up)
3.      skit: (runner-up)
        Pooja sonar
        Suresh Joshi
        Parmeet kaur
        Bhumika patil
        prathieeksha prakash
        Harsh Degadwala
        Akshay Jeramali
        Aadil shaikh
        Majid  Patel
        Shakil Patel

        Sneha Prasad

Student Internship Competition “ANVESHAN 2017”

Student Internship Competition. Held atParul University. “ ANVESHAN 2017 ” KiranGohil, MBA second year s tudent of Narmada college...