Saturday, March 26, 2016

Guest Lecture on "Personal Taxation”

Date: 12/3/2016
Venue: NCM

On 12th March Guest lecture was organised by Narmada College of Management. The lecture was guided by CMA Arvind R.Patel who working with GNFC since 1982 and also associated ass visited faculty with the BVB programme. The lecture was organised by 2nd year MBA students on Direct and Indirect tax. He believes that students should be more analytical and have good conceptual clarity of the fundamentals of their projects. We learnt a concept of Income tax act, VAT, CST, GST from him about a direct and indirect tax and how it would be helped in our career. We also learnt that how we can get tax benefit under various sections in personal taxation in our life. So it was a learning and interactive session where he answered all the queries of students to their full satisfaction.

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