Thursday, February 19, 2015

Student of NCM Support in National HRD Meeting at Ankleshwar

Date: 21/01/2015
Venue: Ankleshwar
Programme: National HRD Meeting

The following 10 students extended their support in the form of handling of the registration desk at the special celebration of the 36th uninterrupted Monthly Meeting of National HRD Network at Ankelshwar on 21st January, 2015.

Shri Himanshu Bhatt, Chapter President, National HRD Network - South Gujarat, Acknowledge their support by giving each of them a certificate of gratitude and appreciation.

1. Ms. Haimita Gandhi
2. Ms. Monica Gaurnani
3. Ms. Anubha Shukla
4. Ms. Pranjli Patel
5. Ms. Aswathy P.
6. Ms. Purvi Kohar
7. Ms. Aesha Shah
8. Ms. Khyati Rathod
9. Mr. Ruturaajsinh B. Gadhai
10. Mr. Saddam Hussen Mansuri

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