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Date: 25th, September, 2014
Venue: Narmada Education Campus, Bharuch








On 25th September, 2014 as per our tradition, Narmada college parivar had organized an event called “Zankar -2014, A Ratri on Navratri” wherein faculties, students and other staff members from NCM, NCSC, NCCA and BVB have wholeheartedly participated. Garba Ground was overcrowded by various participants (players), parents, audience, Guest, faculty members, and non teaching staff.
The event started at 7 PM by worshipping goddess AMBE Maa and then followed by traditional and modern pattern of Garba play. Near about 200 students participated as Garba players.  Four judges from each college were invited to evaluate the best players in male and female category. Evaluation criteria on which players were evaluated were best Garba style, nonstop play, best costumes etc…
The event got enlightened with the gracious presence of our Guest - Director Education – DR. Jani, GNFC trustee members Shri Gharia sir and Shri Panchal sir along with their family members. Shri Sanat Vayada from GNFC Nest office also participated. They gave their blessings and congratulated for the success of event.
The event ended up at 10 PM by awarding best players both in male and female category. Winner’s position was awarded by winning trophy and first and second runners up position were given gold and silver medals.
Winners of zankar-2014 
1.  Naval Modi    (MCA)
1. Nidhi Pandya (MBA)
2.  Vikul Kothari (MBA)
2. Aksha Tirmi (SYBBA)
3.  Shubham Rathod (TYBSC)
3. Ishita Chimnapune (TYBCOM)

The whole event was conducted under the great leadership of Principal Sir – DR. B.M. Rawal, NCSC, I/c Director – Dr. Trupti Almoula, NCM and DR. Jatinder Saini, NCCA without whom the success of this event was not possible.
The event was coordinated by Event Committee members Shri Awasthi, NCSC, Ms Rashmi Ghamawala, NCM and Shri Jatin Modh, NCCA

The event was successful and became a remarkable day. 

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