Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Students Participation in "Green Business Exhibition"

Date: 02/02/2012

Venue: SEMCOM, V V Nagar

3 students, Harshit Suthar, Bhumin Shah and Urvi Goshwami visited the SEMCOM College where the "GREEN BUSINESS" Exhibition was organised on 2/2/2012. The exhibition was organised to bring awareness among community regarding how green business is possible. This was done through working models and posters of the processes involved to create a green effect.

The main focus was agriculture in which new techniques for plant development were demonstrated like drip irrigation, green house effect etc. There were also working models of BIOMASS PLANT, BOIGAS PLANT, SOLAR PLANT, PAPER RECYCLING PLANT and GREEN EFFECT PLANT. They also visited the handcraft products presented by the women of "SAHAT" - a women development company.

There were other models like:

  • How to generate electrical energy by using wind near seashore to provide electricity in a rural area of Kutch.
  • Use of natural dye instead of chemicals by "AURA"
  • Use of solar energy for water heating electrification etc.

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